Flexible Aluminum Tripod

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The Aluminum Tripod is a mount for your device compatible for both The Z12 Projector, mobile devices, and many more. The product is adjustable with a lock that will grip your device in place to ensure safety. 

You have the option to choose from black or silver colorway. Design to be durable to hold your device with a tight grasp.

Length: 12cm - 4.7 inches

Height: 145-205 mm (adjustable)

Weight: 300g- 0.6 pounds without device attached

The Tripod features a 360 degree ball head with an elastic knob that allows free movement adjustable to fix to your desired angle for your device.

You can adjust the height of the tripod by pulling the legs from 145mm up to 202mm which can adjust your vision allowing you to see better.

The Clip is 1/4 screw: suitable for Aluminum Tripod. Suitable for large screen mobile phone. The clip can be added with the mount for all types of mobile devices.

Width: 55mm-77mm