About Us

The Happy Picatso is a company focused on giving your pet a better quality of life. We want to ensure the absolute best quality for each and every On-The-Go H20 made.
The Happy Picatso wants every customer to be happy and satisfied with our product. We are a unique company that utilizes materials best compatible for your needs. With The On-The-Go H20, your pet will be able to enjoy our product outdoors while on walks!
        We started as a company because we wanted to solve a common problem that many people have: pets not having a source of water on walks, most become dehydrated, and you, as an owner have to do an awkward exchange between your water bottle and pet. However, now you can have a water dispenser on hand to use anytime.
If you have further concerns or questions, please contact one of our members at: contact@happypicatso.com.